Developing instructional & assessment programs

GW-CEEE's Info Brief, Improving Outcomes for English Language Learners in Secondary Education, provides guidance for secondary level educational leaders and practitioners in developing instructional and assessment programs for ELLs in the general education classroom that reduce barriers to graduation and support post-graduation pathways to college and the workforce.

Academic English: Implications for K-12 English Learners

GW-CEEE's literature review, Academic English: Implications for K-12 English Learners, covers the nature of academic English, instructional practices used to teach it, teacher preparation and training to improve instructional practice, and policies that support academic English.

Assessment Accommodations for English Learners

ELL students are not always able to access the language of assessments in the same fashion as their fluent English speaking peers and may need accommodations so that they are accurately able to demonstrate what they know and can do.

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